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Firebolt Entertainment | Motion Capture Studio
Firebolt Entertainment is a 3D Art outsourcing Studio specializing in Motion Capture, Character Creation, 3D Art, Digital Doubles and 3D Scanning
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Hello Art!!

Firebolt Entertainment is a Motion capture and 3D art service provider, providing high quality service for all your Motion capture needs. Our artistic team has 18+ yrs of consolidated experience & have worked on some of the biggest game and movie titles produced. We specialise in Motion capture data processing and 3D character creation with a impeccable eye on quality & timelines. 

Motion CaptureCONTACT

Track & Solve

Our Team can Track, Re-target and solve all kinds of data be it body finger or face.With our custom scripts , tools and diligent QC process we assure best quality results.

We can further refine and animate characters, fingers and prop interaction between characters,create seamless loops and blends to enhance the performances of your mocap

3D Character CreationCONTACT

3D Character Creation

Our team can turn your concept into a final integrateable 3D model which is fully textured and rigged.Be it Low poly or High poly. Be it realistic or fantasy. We deliver what you imagine.

Face ServicesContact

Face Services

We Provide a complete solution for face creation of digital doubles. Our Face services include Facial Scanning, Retopology, Markerless tracking, modeling, textuering and facial animation



We can assist you in building creating a custom Mo-Cap piple for your requirement. From choosing the right motion capture stage, planning , direction a mocap shoot to data processing


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